84th Engineer Battalion (Construction) Vietnam
Qui Nhon - Operation Duke - Bong Son - Da Nang - Phu Bai - Fire Base Baldy
This website represents the Memories of those Men who served
  with the 84th in the Republic of Vietnam



Fred Slater

513th Engineers,
and D Co. 84th. 67 - 68
Woodland, MI.


Dale Ogden

31 Aug 69 - 16 Aug 70
513th. Engineers
1966/1967(Operation Duke)
Radcliff, KY. 40160


John R. Smith

Aug 71 - Feb 72 
643rd Eng Co. (Pipeline)
West Palm Beach FL.


Glen E. Cooper

509th Engr Co (PB)
3/66 - 3/67
Cape Coral, Fl


Max K Stephens

513th eng co, dt
June 68 - June 69
2714 Morton Ave, Anacortes, WA 98221
I'm the 1st guy from the 513th to show up. Ive been out of business for a couple of years. Thought I should check in and give you new info. One correction: I did not transfer to the 589th. The whole company was reassigned to the 589th after we left Futai(sp)and headed south to Tuy Hoa and Cam Rhan Bay and eventually Phan Rang. I don't check e-mail but once a week or so when I come to town. I live way out in the sticks on my ranch and we're off the grid and disconnected. I see a couple of NG's since I re-upped. I remember Headly and Delameter. If I'm not mistaken, Delamter and I had to drive a 3/4 down to Cam Rhan bay to DX it and bring home a new one. We got as far as Nha Trang and got turned around by MP's. Spent the night in an old French hotel near the SF camp and headed back to Futai the next day. We got as far as the White Horse camp at the top of Vung Roe Pass and had to spend a day or so with the Koreans before they would let usmove on because of VC activity.


Donald Hoffman

536th. Port Detachment
Endicott, NY


Kent P. Stucki

73rd Engr (CS)
Sept 66 - Oct 67
440 Crescent Dr
Montpelier, Idaho 83245
The 73rd arrived in Vietnam Sept 10 1966. We were attached to A Co 84th Tngr Bde. My ets was z13 October 13 1967. Our Company was located in the Phu Tai area. Our CO was Lt John I Winmill. When he was promoted to Capt, he was transferred. Our New CO was Lt James Cantrell. We had 4 platoons, HQ, Maint, Quarry, and Asphalt.We were on the US Geiger, a Merchant Marine ship. It took 19 days from Oakland, Calif to Qui Nhon.


Clifford Wayne Stine

553rd Engineers
Jan 70 - June 71
1109 Angela Maria Road
Sarasota, Florida 34243


Richard A. Hassett

536th Engr PC
July 70- Feb 72


Stephen Cooke

523 Engr Co (PC)
Feb 68 - Aug 68
Moreno Valley, Ca 92557


Bob Uccello

Company: 73rd Engineer Co (CS)
Oct 66- Sept 67


Charles E. Foshay

513th Eng
May 68 - Dec 68
109 Willow Way
Lady Lake Fl 32159
Arrived in Pleku may 68 was e5 in motor pool, there was another e5 named gurner or somthing like that we were in charge of keeping the trucks going every day. dont remember many names too much time has passed. moved all over the place, i believe the lt in charge of our platoon was swope.i do remember those drivers we somthing else the set those sticks up on thier transfer cases and they could do anything including lay gravel to grade at 30 mph.it will be interesting to see if anyone remembers me.i lived in maine at the time, i believe there was another i think his name was betters.


Ray Headley

513 Eng
Nov 67 - May 69.
Manning, SC
From Nov 67 until 18 Jul 68 I served  in the S-1 of the 84th before transferring to the 513th.  I was the Company Clerk of the 513th until May of 1969.  Met a lot of great people in both units, wish I could remember more names than I do.  Time takes it's toll


John T. Kyle

536th Engr P/C
70 - 71
2630 Washoe Belle
Sparks, NV 89436
drove 10 ton for the unit worked alot with the 59th L/C hauling there dozers where ever they had to go also worked in and around the danang area hauling verious items for the 536 and the 84th.


Charles Allan Fox

513th EngrP/C
12-68 to 2-70
249 Whistlefield Way
Smyma, DE 19977
I came in country as an 11bravo and was assigned to the 513th in Dec of 68. My platoon was in Tuy Hoa at that time. Than we were sent to Ninh Hoa along side the Korean Whitehorse Div. Compound. Most of my time I was with the 2nd platoon TDY through out the country. We then went up into the highlands to D Co. Of the 864th just at the top of the pass. This was the compound the bunker collapsed and killed the people working on tearing it down. Next it was back to Phan Rang for a short stay until we went to DaLat and then back to D Co of the 864th near Banh Me Thouh were I finished my tour. Please excuse any misspelled Vietnamese villages it's been a couple of years.


Guy Theron Bennett

12 - 69 - 8 - 70
Co C, D, 536th PC
I arrived in Long Bin & was transfered to Quin Yong to C Co 84th Engrs. My MOS was 51H40. Was a SSG E-6. Stayed there acouple of weeks, and then was sent up to Tuy Yoa to Co D, of the 84th Engrs. Helped lay the Pipe line from the Bay over to the Air Base. Then I was sent to Long Bin to attend a School on the MAC LOC dump trucks, and ready mix trucks. Went back to Tuy Yoa, and helped lay asphalt, and pour culverts on QL-1. AND THEN, I was transferd to Bon Son, to the 536th Engr Plt PC where I served out my tour, as the NCO in charge of Pile Driving


Jerry Zenoni

D Co & 523 rd Engr Co (PC)
69 - 70 & 71 - 72
817 Martin Smith Road
Gilbert, SC 29054-8766
I started w/co d 84th Engr Bn down in tuy hoa in jul-aug 1969 and pcs,d back to the states in aug of 1970-we were working to pave Ql-1 north of tuy hoa towards Qui Nhon-On Nov 26,1969 I lost a very close friend as a combat casulty-earth moving plt moved over to Phu Hiep to re do the air field and finally we moved up to Camp Radcliff in An Khe to work on the Mang Yang Pass-I was assigned to the 523rd Engr Co(PC)1971-1972 in Vinh Binh prov working on building a bridge on one of the tributaries.


R. John Blyther

513th Engr
May 66 - Nov 67
10 Barker St Apt B
Hudson, NH 03051
Spent 1 1/2 Years with the 513th.


Daniel E. Kleiner

A Co & 73rd Eng
Springfield MA 01104
Arrived at 73rd Enginners/CS at Phu Tai in late Feb 1967, assigned to Maintenance Platoon. Worked in motor pool at the compoaund and also at the quarry site. Was transferred to A company of the 84th when the 73rd move from Phu Tai to Tam Quan, and continued to perform maintenance at the quarry site until DEROSE on March 4th 1968.


Eugene O. Hatcher Jr

536th PC 69 - 70
908 NW 13th Ave
Battle Ground, Washington 98604
I was in at the end of the pier job and the begining of the bridge


Patrick Meyers

Commandinf Officer
513th Engr (DT)
67 - 68
3584 SW Zullo Street
Port St Lucie, Florida 34953
I arrived in Nam in Oct 67 and was assigned to Co A, 84th Engr Btn. We were building metal warehouses (50'X 200')at that time. We lived in tents and I remember a typhoon blew all the tents down even the mess hall.I had at least 2 week long tours on 'The Hill'. I remember the rock ape that cost the Army 1000's of dollars in spent ammo. I was assigned to the 513th Engr Co (DT) in Dec 67 under Lt Beall. I became the C.O. of the 513th in June 68. Our base was in Qui Nhon, but we were also in An Khe, Pleiku, Dak To, Phu Tai and others I can't remember now, all at the same time. Around Sept 68, the 513th moved from Qui Nhon to Phan Rang and was attached to the 589th Engr Btn.I have many pictures, but will have to do a lot of work to get them on here. It will be great to hear from anyone who remembers me. A special thanks to SP 5 Headley, who told me about this website. Since Nam, I am unable to stand cold weather and have lived in Florida the past 38 years. 1 LT Meyers, C.O. 513th Engr Co (DT)


James R. Flanagin

49th Engr Well Drilling Detachment 70 -71
10 Pine St
Norridgewock, ME 04957
I spent most of the tour on macv bases drilling wells but was in Danang for the e-5 board when a Chinook blew up over China beach.


Michael (Mike) Wilder

Oct 67 - Apr 68
513th Engr (DT)
837 S. Tonto Rd
Golden Valley, AZ 86413
First and formost welcome home and thank you for your service and the leadership of our Officers and NCO's. I arrived in Viet Nam with the 589th Engr Bn in April 1967 at Quin Nhon from Ft. Hood TX. I was assigned to the 513th Engr Co (DT) from 25 Oct 1967 thru 6 Apr 1968. I was assigned to drive one of the Euclid Dump Trucks, which we fondly named (Rockline Express) up in Tam Quan. I stayed in the Army from Jan 66 to Apr 77 and now live in NW AZ. With my wife (who is also a Viet Nam era vet) Respectfully Michael C. Wilder (SP/4 in 1968) (SSG in 1977)


Raymond Beil

67 - 68
497th Engr
286 Bluegress Parkway
Oswego, IL 60543
Vietnam was my first assignment after AIT at age 17. I was assigned to 1st Platoon C Company in Cam Rahn Bay responsible for rigging and pile driving of sea walls for Piers 1,2,&3. I was also a barge operator and pile driver of the POL jetties off the coast of Vietnam. Photo of Piers can be reviewed under google search of Cam Rahn Bay 1967 - 1968.


Cork Peterson

67 - 68
523 Engr Co.
Port Const
1009 Blackhawk
Reinbeck, IA 50669
I was the equipment office and service platoon leader of the 523 engr co., port construction in qui nhon, rvn from jan 1967 to jan 1968. We were resonsible for the construction of the sea port in qui nhon and many of the support facilities including a pol tank farm and pipelines. we drove miles of piling and the harbor. It was an honor to serve and i gained much experience in management and leadership that has served me well in my chosen career of construction.


Ralph J. Smock

Aug 66 - July 67
HHC, A Co, 73rd engr.
230 Tasha Ln
Tazwell, TN 37879


Michael M. Garver

67 - 70
523rd Engr Co


Donald Jay Atkisson

536th PC
35050 White Oak Road
Plato MO 65552


Richard Pearsall

4-68 - 1-69
513th DT
1560 Otterbein Ave
Rowland Heights, CA 91748
I arrived in Quin-Nuon in April 1968 and was attached to the 513thDT Company where I was immediatley shipped up to Dak to on the back of a five ton supply truck loaded with pallets of Budwieser. I spent time in Pleaku, AnKie,Phan Rang,& Dak to My last months in country I was In Headquarters company working in the supply room.


Johnnie Downs

Sept 66 - Sep 67
73rd Engr Company (CS)
899 Vernon Odom Boulevard
Akron, OH 44307-1313
My unit 73rd Engineers Company (CS) left Fort Belvior VA August 1966, we flew to Oakland california to be shipped by boat over seas "The U.S. Geiger" to Vietnam. The ship docked in Okinawa for a day, we arrived in Vietnam September 10th, 1966. My brother Herman Downs a Marine arrived in Vietnam the same day, two brothers in a war zone at the same time. My best buddy was Ray Neal Palmer, Luis Manardi, Ricky Harris, company comander Lt. James Cantrell, and First Sergeant Robert L. Mc Gaha, Mail man Heston, Sergeant Bass, Sergeant E. J. Oates. 73rd was attached to A company 84th Engineer Battalion until we moved Phu Tai, I stayed there until I rotated back to the States on Sept. 09, 1967. A lot of my paper work from Vietnam never got back to the States. I was bitter and angry because I didn't recieve the awards due to me. After a 30 day leave, I finished my military carreer at FT. Hood Texas. After Vietnam I said that I would never wear another military uniform. May 27th 2006 I retired from the Army with


Jerry W. Watson

5-67 - 5-68
513th DT
7008 N. Spoon Terrace
Edmond, OK 73025
Arrived in country in April 67 at Qui Nhon Bay, from there assigned to 513th Combat Engr. (DT). Spent first 3 months at base camp(we built) sw of Qui Nhon(about 35 Mi.?)Aprox.in June or July 67 five of us were sent N. & stayed with 1st Cav units at LZ Lowboy, LZ Uplift , LZ English etc. Made a few trips to pleiku.We drove 5 tons and the BIG GREEN GIANTS (mine had "CORKY" stenciled on top of front cab.) Went back to base camp in late December 67. TET had just started.


LTC (Ret)
Terrence (Terry) Cooney

Aug 71 - Mar 72
7514 Rambling Ridge Dr.
Fairfax Station, VA 22039
Upon arrival in country, as a just-promoted Cpt, I was assigned to the S-3 shop and ran convoys south to Hoi An and north to Phu Bai. When commanding the 536th En. Det (PC)our biggest mission was the completion of the two-lane 80 ft concrete bridge SW of DaNang on ML1A. (See The Army Engineer Magazine, Aug 97, A Bridge Still There.) My divers taught me SCUBA and I and my son both became sport divers in the states.


George Walson Ligon

68 - 69
73rd Engineers, CS
98 Lakeview Dr
Williston, VT 05495
 Platoon leader of the Tam Quan Quarry and Rock Crushing Plant of the 73rd Engineer Company, 1968-69. Blew up a bunch of rock in the quarry and crushed it 6-1/2 days a week. I was also in charge of acquiring beer and soda for our compound so we made a monthly 70 mile trip south to Quin Nhon. While I was there we also constructed a club house. I was also in charge of the three 150 KW generators that powered our compound.


David Allen

12/66 - 11/67
73rd Engineers, CS
Lasso Dr
Suprise, Az 85374
Worked at the phu tai valley rock quarry as a dozer opr. Transferred to the first infantry engr's wounded around phu loi clearing jungle on thr D7 Rome Plow


Michael T. Johns

Sept 66 - 67
73rd Engr Co (CS)
7294 Ventura Dr SE
Grand Rapisd MI 49546


Billy L Gardner

5-67 - 5-68 513th Engineers (Dump Truck)

1125 E. Malcom-X St

Lansing MI 48912



Dennis Carl Peterson

Feb 67 - Feb 68

523rd Port Construction

28837 Pujol Street apt 616

Temecula, CA 92590



Paul Crouse

Sept 66 - Sept 67

73rd Engineers

212 W. Silve st Box 383

Reading, MI 49274


  I went with the Company from Belvoir to Viet Nam. Several of us went to Ankhe shortly after arriving in Viet Nam. When we came back I became the Paver operator. We went several places to lay ashpalt. Later on we had several nights a week guarding the Ammo dump across the road. Several names come to mind. Walters, Gersich, Johns, Devore, Wagner Richard Brody who was my buddy the whole time. Got in trouble with Lt. Cantrell one night for not turning the lights out.


Floyde Henry Kearney

Mar 66 - Oct 67
513th Engineer Co DT

1384 Iron Road

Douglas, GA 31535


  I was in a accident with my truck and ended up being a cook. Came to Vietnam with Mike Griffith, David Bedell, hung out with James Carver, Ritchie, Johnson we all came from Fort Leonard Wood


Donald W. Jepson

Oct 67 - Nov 68

513th Engineer Co DT

Blk1 Lot26 Dollar St Veraville Townhomes

Philippines 1740


 Transferred from 523rd in Qui Nhon about Oct 67. would love to have contact from guys I drove dump trucks with almost 7 days a week. Phu Ty till about March of 67, and then Pleiku. I am now retired and moved to live in the Philippines in May of 2014 (reason for the forieghn address) originally from Ft. Collins, CO. Left Viet Nam in Nov. 68


William D. Whitaker

Feb 68 - Apr 69

513th Engineer Co. DT

3013 Trice Place

Lebanon, TN 37087


 We was all over the Central Highlands, Qui Nhon, An Khe,Cam Rahn Bay, Phan Rang, Pleiku,and Dakto in the Kontum Provence. There's 2 or other places that I can't remember the names. Dakto was a pretty bad place with something going on there often. Max Falls with the 513th some how started getting us together to have reunions about 8 years ago. There is one coming up in October, 2015 in Sevierville, Tn in the Smokey mountains. If you know anyone in the 513th Engineers, please have them get in touch with me and I will give them the info. My number is 615-604-7330 or email, bjw52003@gmail.com Welcome Home!


Stephen A. Mial

Jun 70 - May 71

73rd Engr Co

2472 Rockpointe Dr.

Clifron, VA 20124


 I was assigned to the 73Engineering Contruction Co within which I was assigned to Quartermasters unit at LZ Lowboy. I arrived at LZ Lowboy in June 1969 and was there through May 1970, and the temperature was 126 degrees. I used to have to make the runs to LZ English and Quon Yon for regular supply runs. I was eventually asked to serve as an Expeditor which based me out of Cam Rhan where I sent needed supplies, all nomenclatures back to my Company.



George R. Jordan


Aug 68 -

George r jordan
12215 state hwy c c
Senath, Mo 63876
I never new who I was attached two ha! Ha ! I cared my recoreds with me never got paid with any unit! I new I had been assigned from the 35 eng. group to a power distribution team at an kie then down to chan rang valley on.ql 19 and started another distribution system I only new I was attached two the 614 /84eng bat when I got my dd214


 Lloyd Curtis Acord

 May 68 - Nov 69
534 Odd Road
Ghent, WV 25834